Carter, Patel poetry published in Humanitas

Roby Hill
October 15, 2021

MUSC’s literary journal has a double dose of student pharmacists.

The 2021 issue of Humanitas, which marks the 25th anniversary of the literary journal’s founding, has just been released. Second year pharmacy students Amber Carter ’24 and Simran Patel ’24 were both included in the campus-wide publication.

Humanitas features paintings, drawings, photography, prose, poetry, music, and other forms of art and literature submitted by any member of the MUSC community. Submissions are evaluated by a diverse editorial board that selects each issue’s contents.

The pharmacy students’ published poems were originally created for the Poetry Project, part of the “Intro to Pharmacy Practice” course taught by clinical associate professor Kristy Brittain. Students in the project each wrote a poem of at least 16 lines with each line coming from a different work of art, creating a narrative about something health care related.

Carter pulled lines from Langston Hughes, Avril Lavigne, Ed Sheeran, Salt-N-Pepa, Beyonce and others to create her poem “Bump Meets Baby,” which takes the reader inside the mind and experience of a woman going from conception to birth and beyond.

Patel turned to The Fray, Guns N’ Roses, Carrie Underwood, Avicii, This Wild Life, Weird Al Yankovic and others to create “For You, Maa,” which gives the narrative point of view of a health care practitioner addressing the deceased mother.

“The readers of and contributors to this journal find it purposeful to use their time to look within; they document the world they see and the peculiarities that remain unearthed,” said Philip Burchett, editor-in-chief. “For this work we commemorate them and their contribution to our community.”

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