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Our students score significantly higher than the national average on NAPLEX, MPJE, and match rate for residencies. Interprofessional education. Top academic medical center. Beautiful and historic Charleston.

College of Pharmacy Emeritus Faculty Directory

Emeritus Directory


John F. Cormier 

John F. Cormier, Pharm.D.

Dean & Professor Emeritus

William H. Golod 

William H. Golod, Ph.D.

Dean & Professor Emeritus

Arnold W. Karig 

Arnold W. Karig, Ph.D.

Dean & Professor Emeritus

John Bosso 

John A. Bosso, Pharm.D.

Professor Emeritus

Ronald O. Nickel 

Ronald O. Nickel, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus

Kennerly Patrick 

Kennerly S. Patrick, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus

Kelly R. Ragucci 

Kelly R. Ragucci, Pharm.D.

Professor Emerita

Donald B. Wiest 

Donald B. Wiest, Pharm.D.

Professor Emeritus