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Center for Cancer Drug Discovery

The Cancer Drug Discovery Center provides mechanisms for target identification and generation of lead compounds in the drug discovery process, thus creating a productive interface between academics and the biotechnology/pharmaceutical industries. Drug Discovery Core.

Center for Cell Death, Injury, & Regeneration

Student using extensive microscopy resources in John Lemaster’s labThe Center for Cell Death, Injury, and Regeneration which was established in 2007 is headed by John Lemasters. The center provides imaging facility through the use of six confocal/multiphoton microscopes which are also a part of the Hollings Cell and Molecular Imaging Facility. The center also is home to a multiwell plate reader and Agilent/Seahorse Bioscience facility

Medication Safety

The Doris Levkoff Meddin Medication Safety Education Program is an education and outreach program designed to help reduce adverse drug effects by disseminating current and emerging knowledge about ADEs to Health care professionals and the general public

Research Labs

Student using hood to perform a natural products experiment in Mark Hamann’s research labResearch foci of the drug discovery and biomedical sciences faculty include bioorganic/medicinal chemistry; pharmaceutics and pharmacology; cell death, injury, and regeneration; and cancer etiology and therapeutics

Cell & Molecular Imaging Shared Resource

The Shared Resource provides state of the art imaging with capabilities at the cellular, tissue, intravital, and in vivo whole animal levels