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Applications & Deadlines

Applicants must submit a PharmCAS and MUSC supplemental application to be considered for admission. The MUSC Admissions Committee will evaluate all applications and each is rated based on admission criteria established by the committee.

Submission of PharmCAS and supplemental application are required for International Applicants.

PharmCAS Application

  • PharmCAS Application
  • Application opens July 11, 2024 for fall 2025 admission
  • Application fee paid directly to PharmCAS
  • Three required letters of reference are submitted via PharmCAS
  • PharmCAS will not process your application until all information is submitted to the service; completed application, required fee, and all official transcripts
  • PharmCAS processing may take up to four weeks once all required materials are received and verified; therefore we recommend that you apply early
  • Use the PharmCAS "after you submit" checklist 

MUSC Supplemental Application

Important Dates

  • July 11, 2024 PharmCAS & MUSC supplemental application opens for fall 2025 admission 
  • May 1, 2025 PharmCAS & MUSC supplemental application deadline for fall 2025 admission 

Early Decision is no longer offered as an option in PharmCAS. Applicants are encouraged to apply to their designated Pharm.D. degree programs early in the admissions cycle. The MUSC College of Pharmacy has set a priority admission deadline of October 1, 2024 and we encourage any applicant previously interested in the early decision option to apply by this deadline. Admission scholarship opportunities are limited, so we also encourage candidates to apply by this deadline for scholarship consideration. 

As a state-assisted institution, preference will be given to in-state applicants. In-state applicants are defined as South Carolina residents and any non-South Carolina residents attending a South Carolina college or university. In-state status as defined here only applies to the admission process.  The MUSC College of Pharmacy considers a limited number of international applicants to the doctor of pharmacy program who have completed at least a 5-year bachelor of science in pharmacy degree and when there is a written agreement between the MUSC College of Pharmacy and an international sponsoring university, government, or agency (International Partnership Program).