MUSC College of Pharmacy students in white coats

Strategic Plan

Katherine H. Chessman

Under the leadership of Kathy Chessman ’84, ’86, the College of Pharmacy developed a new strategic plan in the fall of 2016. 

The Committee was charged with developing a plan that aligns with the MUSC strategic plan, Imagine 2020. The College’s strategic plan follows the core principles of Imagine 2020, which include:

  • Advance New Knowledge and Scientific Discoveries
  • Embrace Diversity and Inclusion
  • Foster Innovative Education and Learning
  • Commit to Patients & Families First
  • Build Healthy Communities

Strategic Planning Committee

  • Kathy Chessman, chair

  • Pat Woster

  • Anna-Liisa Nieminen

  • Mark Hamann

  • Eduardo Maldonado

  • Jennifer Wisniewski

  • Megan Draper

  • Kaitlyn Kowalski

  • Andy Taylor