industry fellowships at the College of Pharmacy

Application Process

Application Deadline

November 28, 2022

Required Items

The following application materials must be submitted by November 28th:

  • Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Three letters of recommendation (LOR)
  • Unofficial graduate degree transcript


  1. Applicant must complete the MUSC application.
    With your MUSC application, attach your Letter of intent (LOI), Curriculum Vitae, and & unofficial graduate degree transcript.

  2. Ask your three references to submit their letters of recommendation (LOR) to

    Your Letter of Intent & Letters of Recommendation should be addressed to:

    Shelby Kolo, Pharm.D.
    College of Pharmacy
    Medical University of South Carolina
    280 Calhoun Street, MS 141
    Charleston, South Carolina 29425

All application materials will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Applications will open October 3.

Recognizing that the choice of a Post-Doctoral Industry Fellowship is an important decision, the Medical University of South Carolina, in conjunction with the Academic Industry Fellowship Alliance (AIFA), has agreed to extend offers for fellowships no earlier than December 7, 2022.  We see this respect for candidate choice as a common aspect of each of our program’s cultures.