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About Charleston

Charleston Battery

Charleston, South Carolina, is a city known for its enchantment and charm, as well as its fascinating beauty, history, and culture. Since its settlement in 1670 by English colonists, the charming historic seaport of Charleston has been a favorite vacation and relocation destination.

Steeped in history, Charleston is often called a "living museum." Its past and present are intertwined like no other city and are evident in its culture, architecture, and famous gardens. It has everything anyone is looking for, including the best nature spots, scenic beaches, beautiful parks, iconic landmarks, historic churches, outstanding restaurants and gorgeous hotels. On every corner you find a bit of history and culture that will stay with you; even better, the Medical University of South Carolina offers a modern education in a historic place full of fun, knowledge, and opportunities.

From the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition every February, to the Spoleto Festival USA held each May, to an array of nightlife activities, there is always something going on in Greater Charleston. The mild coastal climate makes Charleston's world-renowned golf courses and beautiful beaches fun to enjoy year-round.