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Pharm.D./MBA Concurrent Degree

Concurrent Degree Option – Pharm.D./MBA with The Citadel Graduate College

The dual degree program between The Citadel and MUSC will allow students to achieve both a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) in the same four-year period. As constructed, this dual degree program conveys a significant savings in time and money. The Citadel MBA program provides PharmD students with substantial flexibility with evening and online courses.

Admission Requirements & Prerequisites

Although the MBA program has traditionally required a bachelor’s degree, they have agreed to accept PharmD students who have completed a total of 124 credit hours. Students can apply during the semester they are finishing up their 124 hours. PharmD students may apply to The Citadel to begin any semester, but are encouraged to start during the Summer after their P1 year.

MUSC PharmD students must submit an online application, official undergraduate transcript(s), official MUSC transcript, PCAT scores, two letters of recommendation, and a resume for admission. To begin your application to the MBA program, click here. For questions about the admission process, contact the Graduate College Office at 843-953-5089 or

Vouchers and Financial Aid

Students from MUSC's PharmD program who simultaneously enroll in The Citadel's MBA program will also be given four vouchers at the time of admission. The Treasurer's Office will mail vouchers to admitted students. Each voucher is worth the cost of in-state tuition for one 3 credit hour course. One voucher may be used per term. Vouchers do not include the costs of fees, textbooks, or materials associated with the course. Non-resident students will have to pay the tuition difference.

Integrated Pharm.D./MBA Curriculum

The concurrent degree program will neither displace nor rearrange any of the core Pharm.D. courses. Several MBA courses that will be accepted for Pharm.D. elective credit hours.  A maximum of six elective hours can be transferred and require a grade of B or better.  The accepted classes include the following:

  • Information Technology Management (BADM 719 – required)
  • Case Studies in Finance (BADM 734 – required)
  • Strategic Marketing (BADM 737 – required)

A maximum of six credit hours from the Pharm.D. program will also be accepted as elective credit in the Citadel’s MBA program.  The accepted classes include the following

  • Administration Pharmacy Practice Experience
  • Dosage Forms and Drug Delivery Systems (COP 607 – required)
  • Self Care and Complementary Medicine (COP 618 – required)
  • Pharmacy Law and Ethics (COP 805 – required)
  • Outcomes Design and Assessment (COP 725 – required)

The Citadel’s MBA curriculum can be found on their website at Students interested in pursuing the Pharm.D./MBA Concurrent Degree program contact Heather Easterling at to register for the program.