Online courses application

After reviewing the below instructions, the link at bottom will take you to the application form.


The application is a simple two-page form. 

Under Intended Program, select “Non Degree Seeking - Pharmacy – Graduate Level” (the category refers to not seeking a degree from MUSC; the credit hours will apply to a pharmacy degree).

Screenshot from the application process 

There is a drop-down box to select your desired session. After filling in the personal information, you indicate the pharmacy course you are interested in by writing in the course number, name, and credit hours in the Essay box on the second page of the application form.

Screenshot of the essay portion of the application 

Tuition and Fees

COP 502 Clinical Immunology and Transplant $1250

COP 50 Medical Terminology $700

There is a nonrefundable application fee of $95 due with the submission of the form. When you submit, you will have the option of choosing your payment method.


Applications are processed through MUSC's central admission office