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Experiential Education Program

Pharmacists educate patients, understand their needs and forge relationships with patients and families that often last a lifetime. Students at the College of Pharmacy receive outstanding classroom experiences from respected and accomplished faculty; through rotations, our students receive hands-on, practical experience, have opportunities to hone their skills and are introduced to a wide variety of career opportunities.

The Experiential Education Program provides approximately one-third of a student’s total pharmacy education, and is the backbone of the Doctor of Pharmacy program. The fundamental goal of the program is to provide students with the structured environment that they need to develop their professional judgment, technical skills and practice skills. Preceptors encourage critical thinking to solve problems and not only facilitate a student’s knowledge base, but also his or her ability to provide excellence in patient care. Participating as a preceptor demonstrates commitment to the profession and its growth. Additionally, it impacts those individuals who will be the profession’s future practitioners and leaders.

The Experiential Education Programs at each of South Carolina's State Colleges of Pharmacy are working together through the Palmetto Experiential Education Partnership or PEEP. By becoming a preceptor for PEEP, preceptors will only need to provide availability for the rotation year (May 1st through April 30th) once through our rotation management system. This provides the opportunity for preceptors to work with students from both State Colleges of Pharmacy. Please complete the following steps to sign up as a PEEP preceptor:

  • Complete the Preceptor Application form. You will be prompted to upload your current CV or resumé at the end of this form.
  • Establish an Affiliation Agreement if your practice site is new for either of PEEP's colleges. Please complete the required fields of the MUSC-USC Affiliation Agreement (DOCX) and print for signatures of the authorized individuals at your site. Then, submit the signed agreement via fax (843-792-9077) or via email. If your facility prefers to use a standard agreement, please send this template to for review. Please note that we have corporate agreements established with many nationwide chain pharmacies and health systems, so check with our office if you have any questions regarding existing agreements.

Once the preceptor application is approved and an affiliation agreement is established, preceptors are given access to a wealth of information through our online rotation scheduling and evaluation system called E*Value. Prior to scheduling the first student rotation, the PEEP team will work with preceptors to:

  • Review the Rotation Manuals on E*Value to become familiar with the PEEP Experiential Program
  • Prepare a Rotation Syllabus using templates available on E*Value
  • Review criteria and apply for access to MUSC’s online library resources