Center for Cell Death, Injury & Regeneration

The Center for Cell Death, Injury and Regeneration which was established in 2007 is headed by Dr. John J. Lemasters. The center provides imaging facility through the use of six confocal/multiphoton microscopes which are also a part of the Hollings Cell and Molecular Imaging Facility. The center also is home to a multiwell plate reader and Seahorse Bioscience facility. Dr. Anna-Liisa Nieminen is co-director of the imaging facility. The facility is managed by Dr. Venkat Ramshesh who takes care of the day to day running, training and maintenance of the confocal microscopes and the CCDIR and CMI webpages. Raymond Deepe, assists with the day to day running of the facility.

In addition the center also houses imaging workstations, surgery benches and tissue culture hoods for specimen preparation and data analysis.

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Center for Cell Death, Injury & Regeneration
Drug Discovery Building
Suite DD522, MSC 140
Charleston, SC 29425

Please acknowledge your use of the Cell & Molecular Imaging Shared Resource in your publications. Suggested language is as follows:“Imaging facilities for this research were supported, in part, by Cancer Center Support Grant P30 CA138313 to the Hollings Cancer Center, Medical University of South Carolina.”