MUSC Pharmacy Students Succeed

Graduating student satisfaction, on-time graduation, and residency placement exceed 90 percent. We are a top academic medical center located in historic Charleston, SC focused on interprofessional education and research.

MUSC College of Pharmacy students in white coats

Student Life

CurriculumDean of Students

Welcome from Cathy Worrall, Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs, and introduction to Office of Student Affairs.

Student Organizations

Student organizations are voluntary and can provide additional networking, education, entertainment, and a sense of community outside classes.

Academic Calendar

The academic calendar outlines the start of classes, exam dates, and major holidays as well as the dates of the summer session.

MUSC Student Services

In addition to the robust community in the College, MUSC offers student services such as student programs & diversity, academic and writing centers, student health and wellness, and interprofessional initiatives.

MUSC College of Pharmacy Student Handbook

The MUSC College of Pharmacy Student Handbook has the College's vision, mission, and core values, as well as information about some of the programs, policies, and procedures specific to the College of Pharmacy.

MUSC Bulletin

The MUSC Bulletin has information about the University's honor code, the University's policies and guidelines, and other information. Under the Colleges & Degrees drop-down menu, there is College-specific information about admissions, curriculum, and course descriptions.