Painting with PDC offers fun social alternative

Roby Hill
September 11, 2020
Emily Overly and Shayma Alzaidi  painting on the lawn
Emily Overly and Shayma Alzaidi

With an easel of grass and a paper plate canvas, student pharmacists took to the lawn for a “Painting with PDC” event on August 28. The MUSC College of Pharmacy chapter of Phi Delta Chi (PDC) held the event to recruit students to the professional pharmacy fraternity.

The students gathered on MUSC’s campus in different outdoor green spaces, like the lawn in front of the Urban Farm, the courtyard in front of the Drug Discovery Building, and the breezeway and small amphitheater by the Colbert Library.

Planners were careful to keep safety a priority while still creating a sense of festivity and community. 

“We limited group sizes to 10 people, socially distanced all participants six feet, and made sure that all participants were wearing masks,” said Chase Huston ’23, PDC’s worthy master-at-arms. “Overall, the event was a very big success and I believe everyone who came had a great time.” 

Participants painted different images of Charleston like the Ravenel Bridge, a pineapple, palm trees, or a beach scene. 

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