"We are MUSC Pharmacists" celebrates MUSC students

Roby Hill
October 12, 2020
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Ryan Dushak ’21

Ryan Dushak

On Monday, October 12, Ryan Dushak ’21, president of the Class of 2021, will take over the MUSC College of Pharmacy Instagram account. As a fourth-year student, Ryan is on rotations and he will be on an acute care rotation at Tidelands Georgetown during his IG takeover. He is pursuing a residency after graduation with the ultimate goal of a second residency in health-system pharmacy administration leading to an administrative/management position.

Coleman Parler ’22

Coleman Parler

On Tuesday, October 13, Coleman Parler, class president for the Class of 2022, will take over the College’s Instagram account. Coleman decided to pursue pharmacy after his brother was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and his mother passed away from colon cancer. He wanted to care for others and help people coping with those kinds of difficult or tragic experiences. He is also earning his MBA from The Citadel.

Emilie Thomas, left, and Marley Young

Emilie Thomas & Marley Young

In a mid-month double feature on Wednesday, October 14, Emilie Thomas ’23 will take over the College’s Instagram account and Marley Young ’21 will be featured on the College’s news blog.

Emilie Thomas ’23

Emilie Thomas

Emilie Thomas, president of the Class of 2023, hails from Aiken, South Carolina and used to be a coach for Carolina Elite Stallion Cheerleading, which was a great experience. When she started working in a pharmacy, she noticed how much it felt like a team with the pharmacist as the coach. She chose MUSC because of how close-knit the students were and how much opportunity there is for networking and leadership/growth.

Marley Young ’21

Marley Young

Marley Young ’21, student coordinator of the College’s American Pharmacists Month “We are MUSC Pharmacy” campaign, already knows where she’ll be when Pharmacists Month rolls around again – practicing pharmacy at Stuckey Pharmacy in Hemingway, S.C. She’s worked there since 2017 and they have already offered her a position when she graduates. While she is fortunate to already have her job lined up, her many accomplishments and leadership experience at MUSC may mean it is Stuckey that’s lucky.

Taylor Fewox ’24

Taylor Fewox

On Thursday, October 15, Taylor Fewox ’24, president of the Class of 2024, will take over the College’s Instagram account. Taylor has always been intrigued with how drugs worked within the body and the role they play both from an individual and societal standpoint, as illustrated by the recent opioid epidemic. She’s hoping to go into psychiatry and work with recovering substance abusers.

Sarah Wyatt ’22

Sarah Wyatt

On Friday, October 16, Sarah Wyatt ’22, College of Pharmacy representative for the MUSC Student Government Association, will be a guest on Pharmacy Friday. Philip Hall, dean of the College, hosts this online conversation (meeting ID: 961 8935 6204, password: pharmacy). After her first two years of pharmacy school, Sarah has found she has joy and purpose in helping others. The constantly changing world of health care is an inspiration to her. Sarah plans to pursue a two-year residency where she can specialize in critical care or emergency medicine.

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