December dean’s message

Dean Hall
December 02, 2020
Dean Hall at his desk

The following message will not contain the words “unprecedented,” “new normal,” “challenging,” “pivot,” “uncertain times,” “now more than ever,” or “please mute your microphone.” Is it possible to talk about 2020 without them?

December is a time to celebrate and reflect. We’ve all been through a lot in 2020, and in many ways we will welcome the fresh new year with a relieved embrace. But there are parts of 2020 that we can all appreciate:

  • We discovered new ways of successfully conducting business remotely, with many people spending less time in the car and more time with family.
  • Pharmacists all over the country stepped up to provide care, education, and leadership in their communities, creating awareness and recognition for the profession.
  • Americans became more engaged in civil society as voter turnout reached new highs.

We’ve found new appreciation for the importance of community, like low-carb dieters who never realized how much they love bread rolls. Lack of personal contact has been a sacrifice; when it once again becomes common, I hope we’ll make sacrifices to keep it intact.

The College of Pharmacy has a lot to look back on with pride in 2020, from academic innovation to clinical outreach to scientific discovery. Many of our alumni were recognized for their accomplishments and leadership in the profession. And we look forward next year to breaking ground on our new facility!

Happy holidays!

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