A much anticipated moment

Dean Hall
March 02, 2021
Dean Hall in front of the future site of the MUSC College of Pharmacy Building

In 1971, Carly Simon released the Grammy-winning song “Anticipation.” At the time, the MUSC College of Pharmacy had been housed in the then-unnamed Michael P. Araneo Building at 280 Calhoun Street for more than 30 years.

Our anticipation of a new facility began around the same time the song was released. In 1971, the college was in the sixth year of operation under William Hersh Golod, who started the push for a new building and continued to help build support for it as dean emeritus. In 2021, we will celebrate the groundbreaking he has been looking forward to for 50 years.

I have the incredible honor of serving as dean at this historic occasion, representing Dr. Golod and subsequent MUSC deans Johnnie Early, John Cormier, Arnold Karig, and Joseph DiPiro. Dr. Karig has been a particularly passionate advocate for this project as both dean and dean emeritus.

This issue of The Distillate highlights some of the many people who have provided leadership and support in reaching this moment, along with some of the details and timeline for the project itself.

Our original groundbreaking was scheduled for last year. The pandemic forced the delay, which has proven invaluable. We’ve increased greatly our ability and experience with innovative operation and funneled that knowledge into the building’s design, multiplying its flexibility and potential.

The moment we’ve all been anticipating for so long is now right around the corner. The last lyrics in Carly Simon’s “Anticipation” capture it best: “These are the good old days!”