A new statement of identity

Terry Blackmon '80
March 01, 2021
Terry Blackmon, Erin Blackmon Stelling and granddaughter McKinley Stelling
Terry Blackmon ’80 with daughter, Erin Blackmon Stelling ’10, and granddaughter (and hopefully future MUSC pharmacy alumna), McKinley Stelling

We build our identity into our homes.

A house may have wall-to-wall books, or a music room, or a home theater. The yard may be dedicated to a grass lawn or a playground or ornamental gardens. We may choose to live in large house in the suburbs or a loft apartment in the heart of town.

Every part of our home announces something about us and what we value. Now, for the first time in 80 years, the College of Pharmacy has the opportunity to make that announcement on a blank slate.

What does this new facility say about us?

We are collaborative

The building is in the heart of campus, directly connected to the Basic Science Building. Our pharmacy students will be able to interact readily with students from the other colleges, both socially and in interprofessional work.  

We are versatile

What we needed in 2007 is not what we need in 2021. MUSC has new resources, the ability to work remotely is exponentially better, and pharmacy and pharmacy education are in constant evolution. We’ve evolved the facility plans accordingly, keeping us on top of developing trends.

We are the future of pharmacy

Our facility incorporates the best characteristics of our tradition of pharmacy education excellence, and it is a dramatic visual representation of the important role the MUSC College of Pharmacy plays at MUSC and in the state, profession, and future of pharmacy. We are MUSC pharmacy!

After the “Building the Future of Pharmacy… Together” campaign had become established, the MUSC College of Pharmacy administration turned to Terry Blackmon to tackle the formidable task of maintaining momentum through the end. Terry Blackmon ’80 served as the second and concluding chair of the Building Leadership Committee. He has served as president of multiple pharmacy associations, all while maintaining an independent pharmacy practice.