Signing begins for signing beam

Roby Hill
December 31, 2021
The two ways to connect signatures to the beam are in person and by post card

Dean Philip Hall looked at the long blank canvas in the shape of a steel beam, sitting on supports just outside the construction site for MUSC's new pharmacy facility.

"This will really look like something when it is covered in signatures," he said, and added his with a flourish. Next to the signature, he affixed a sticker signed by wife Rayna Kneuper-Hall. With that, the two methods for physically uniting the people of MUSC pharmacy and its new place of business were launched.

Members of the MUSC pharmacy family who sign the beam will forever be represented in the heights of the new pharmacy building, which holds a "Topping Off" Ceremony on January 20 to celebrate the raising of its top-most roof beam into place.

The beam is now on hand to be signed by college supporters through the ceremony. It is located on the steam tunnel in front of Colbert Library and Education Center on the Horseshoe, just outside the gates marking the construction site. The college also sent a mailing to alumni with stickers to sign and send back, for those unable to come to campus.