Gooz lands CZI Scientist Award for image acquisition, analysis

Roby Hill
December 28, 2021

Monika Gooz, associate professor in the Department of Drug Discovery & Biomedical Sciences, has received a Chan Zuckerberg Imaging (CZI) Scientist Award from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

The grant entitled “Comprehensive Imaging Education in Biomedical Sciences” aims to provide a strong theoretical background to understand image acquisition ending in reproducible and quantifiable sets of data and to educate users on high content imaging, large data management, as well as advanced image analysis employing innovative approaches.

CZI’s imaging program aims to drive the development of:

  • A suite of new imaging tools capable of observing biological processes across spatial scales at the level of tissues, cells, and proteins; and
  • Robust frameworks to quantify, analyze, and share imaging data and share methods and tools.