Connecting scholars and donors at the Scholarship Recognition Luncheon

Roby Hill
August 19, 2022
Philip Hall address donors and scholars at recognition luncheon

The 2022-2023 Scholarship Recognition Luncheon brought together scholarship donors with their recipients, giving the donors a chance to see first-hand the impact of their gifts and the students a chance to thank them personally for their support.

The program featured recognition of each scholarship donor and recipient, followed by fourth-year student Amanda Everett '23 offering the "Student Experience" address. The luncheon was today at noon at the Harbour Club in Charleston, S.C.

The popular event can be powerfully resonant. For donors, students embody the most persuasive argument for philanthropy the college can offer. For students, finding out the history and motivation behind a gift imbues it with a new sense of respect and responsibility.