Microscopy workshop offers insight like no other

Roby Hill
June 19, 2023
Rob Dunakin from Andor gives lecture
Rob Dunakin from Andor gives lecture on "Spinning disk confocal as a basis for multimodal imaging possibilities."

The 8th Charleston Workshop on Light Microscopy for the Biosciences gave students from around the country and the world an opportunity to use state of the art equipment and interact with leading scientists in the field. Starting June 11, 2023, and extending through June 16, 2023, MUSC faculty John Lemasters and Anna-Liisa Nieminen hosted the group of doctoral level scientists, pre-doctoral students, and high-level technical personnel.

Ammasi Periasamy from WM Keck Center for Cellular Imaging of University of Virginia provided the keynote address along with talks on FLIRR microscopy and FRET-FLIM microscopy.

Students got access to state-of-the-art equipment for optical imaging, digital image processing and deconvolution, fluorescence microscopy, confocal/multiphoton microscopy, light-sheet and super-resolution microscopy and were guided by experienced academic and commercial faculty.

Lectures and laboratory exercises included:

  • optics of image formation
  • microscope alignment
  • phase contrast and differential interference contrast microscopy
  • video and digital cameras
  • contrast enhancement by analog and digital image processing
  • principles of fluorescence microscopy
  • fluorescent probes, including fluorescent proteins
  • fluorescence resonance energy transfer
  • light-sheet imaging
  • laser scanning confocal and multiphoton microscopy
  • super-resolution microscopy

Commercial faculty representing leading microscope manufacturers gave students opportunities to use the latest and most advanced instrumentation for light microscopy, image detection, and computerized image analysis.

MUSC's access to expensive microscopy equipment gives scientists and students a tool to push their own research farther -- the workshop teaches them what is possible and how to do it.   

"As a comprehensive academic medical center, MUSC has invested in the people and the technology needed for cutting-edge research," said Philip D. Hall, dean of MUSC College of Pharmacy. "We can multiply the return on that investment by opening the doors to current and future colleagues in the research arena and helping them advance their own research. Many thanks to Drs. Lemaster and Nieminen, Dr. Li Li, Manager of Cell & Molecular Imaging, and the students and staff who helped bring this noteworthy event together!"

Attendees of the 8th Charleston Workshop on Light Microscopy for the Biosciences