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Diversity & Health Equity

Inclusive excellence at the COP

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We live in a complex world and practice in a field that touches – and is touched by – everyone. Diversity adds creativity and innovation, enhances communication, and leads to better education and health outcomes. But just because the advantages are clear, it takes vigilance and commitment to enable a diverse MUSC pharmacy community and safeguard the environment in which it can flourish.

The population of South Carolina includes people from all kinds of backgrounds and walks of life: different communities, identities, races, ethnicities, backgrounds, abilities, cultures, and beliefs. We believe it is important for our MUSC pharmacy family to mirror that diversity. In addition, we believe the MUSC pharmacy experience needs to include outreach to every part of South Carolina’s socioeconomic spectrum.

We create an environment of inclusive excellence by recruiting diverse populations, serving diverse populations, and graduating diverse populations. For example:

  • We reach out to diverse prospective students through our Student Mentors for Diversity in Pharmacy program, which educates diverse prospective students about the possibilities of a pharmacy career
  • Our experiential education program gives current students clinical opportunities to work with diverse populations, and our students are volunteer leaders with the CARES Clinic, a nonprofit, student-run organization that provides free medical care to uninsured residents of South Carolina.
  • Our graduates can be found in pharmacies and health-systems in every kind of community throughout the state, across the country, and around the world. The college creates an environment in which diversity can thrive, so MUSC pharmacy alumni can both reflect and relate to their patients.

We value diversity in all its manifestations, including diversity of thought, experience, religion, race, and gender, and are committed to improving access to care, quality of care, and the elimination of healthcare disparities.

The College of Pharmacy is proud to have been a diversity leader at the MUSC enterprise. The first female professor was within the College of Pharmacy and one of the first two first African-American students graduated from the college.