“We are MUSC Pharmacists” celebrates MUSC faculty and staff

Roby Hill
October 19, 2020
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Step inside a lab. Sit in on a lecture. Come around on a round. MUSC pharmacy faculty and staff find inspiring ways to reach students, help patients, and push the limits of discovery. The MUSC College of Pharmacy celebrates Week Three of its American Pharmacists Month “We are MUSC Pharmacy” campaign with a closer look at some of the faculty and staff who create the MUSC pharmacy experience.

Kristy Brittain

Kristy Brittain

On Monday, October 19, associate professor of clinical pharmacy and outcomes science Kristy Brittain will take over the MUSC College of Pharmacy Instagram account. A popular and innovative teacher, Brittain has served leadership roles and won multiple awards both at MUSC and in the profession. Her clinical work is with MUSC Health ambulatory pharmacy services and she serves as the program director for the Community-based Residency Program (PGY-1).

Anthony DeClue

Anthony DeClue '16

On Tuesday, October 20, assistant professor of clinical pharmacy and outcomes science Anthony DeClue ’16 will take over the MUSC College of Pharmacy Instagram account. DeClue took an unusual path to pharmacy, getting a master’s in English and teaching rhetoric at Clemson University before earning his Pharm.D. at the MUSC College of Pharmacy. Today, he combines those experiences for the benefit of community lab students and patients at the MUSC Family Medicine Pharmacy.

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Pat Woster

Pat Woster

On Wednesday, October 21, the College will feature Patrick Woster, SmartState® Endowed Chair in Drug Discovery and professor and chair of drug discovery and biomedical sciences, on the College’s News blog. An inductee into the Medicinal Chemistry Hall of Fame and recent recipient as co-principal investigator of a $2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health, Woster is one of the country’s foremost experts in medicinal chemistry.

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Kelly Brennan

Kelly Brennan

On Thursday, October 22, admissions recruiter Kelly Brennan will take over the MUSC College of Pharmacy Instagram account. With the unique perspective as both a staff member and a relative newcomer to the College, Brennan will shed some light on the day-to-day work of someone representing the College to prospective students. She spent seven years working as a corporate recruiter and has a degree in psychology from the University of South Carolina.

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Wayne Weart

Wayne Weart

Pharmacy Friday will feature a chat and new drug update with professor emeritus of clinical pharmacy and outcomes science Wayne Weart. The emeritus professor has received virtually every pharmacy award South Carolina has to offer, along with many national recognitions. His New Drug Update has become an institution of its own, considered by many to be the most valuable continuing education they’ll get each year.

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Phil the Pill Running Bib

Phil the Pill 5k

On Saturday, October 24, Phil the Pill is embarking on his first 5K. Dean Philip Hall has committed to completing 3.1 miles on the streets of downtown Charleston dressed as the College’s very own Phil the Pill as part of LOWVELLO's You do You initiative and to raise support for the MUSC College of Pharmacy.

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Learn more about our “We are MUSC Pharmacy” campaign during the College’s celebration of American Pharmacists Month.