Alvira-Arill arrives in time for ACPE, new year, and new curriculum

Roby Hill
August 28, 2023

When Gustavo Alvira-Arill first started at the MUSC College of Pharmacy earlier this summer, he adjusted to new surroundings, new colleagues, and a new program.

That would be enough for anyone. But he also arrived at a pivotal moment for the college, which just launched its 18-month Self-Study process and is also exploring a new curriculum.

Fortunately, the University of Florida graduate is well-suited for the challenge. In addition to handling the college's infectious diseases area as fellow faculty member Taylor Morrisette shifts to outcomes, he has first-hand experience with the type of curriculum MUSC is exploring.

So, his arrival has been a welcome boon to another former Gator, assistant dean for the curriculum Shane Ryan.

"While he was at Florida, he experienced first-hand the kind of integrated, flipped curriculum that the Curriculum Committee is exploring for us here," said Ryan, who was the director of curriculum development and delivery at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy. "I'm excited to have him here and it will be very helpful to have his inputs as we move forward."

Alvira-Arill at-a-glance:

  • Graduated cum laude from University of Florida in 2020
  • Served as Pediatric Infectious Diseases Pharmacy Fellow at the University of Tennessee Health-Science Center
  • Did a PGY-1 residency at the Nicklaus Children's Hospital
  • Served as clinical pharmacist for Le Bonheur Children's Hospital
  • From 2016-2019, was an intern for AdventHealth for Children in Orlando
  • Last year, was recognized with the American College of Clinical Pharmacists PRN Resident/Fellow Travel Award