Five DDBS faculty in world's top 2% of researchers

Roby Hill
October 31, 2021

Scientists all over the world know the name John Lemasters. His meetings and workshops draw acclaimed international experts in microscopy and mitochondria from across the globe to this modest-sized tourist town in South Carolina.

Why? They all use his research.

The GlaxoSmithKline Distinguished Endowed Chair and professor of drug discovery and biomedical sciences at the MUSC College of Pharmacy is the second-most cited researcher in the MUSC enterprise. He is one of five of pharmacy's research faculty who are among the top two percent of researchers worldwide as a function of their citation indices, according to a study by Stanford University. Citation indices reflect the number and impact of their publications.

To make the list, researchers had to rank in the top 100,000 by number of citation, or rank in the top 2% of researchers in their respective disciplines.

Lemasters ranked no. 2 in all of MUSC in this regard, leading the five pharmacy researchers who made the world's top two percent list:

  • John Lemasters
  • Danyelle Townsend
  • Mark Hamann
  • Anna Liisa Nieminen
  • Patrick Woster

“It is a remarkable accomplishment for the Department of Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences and a testimony to the importance of the work they do,” said Philip D. Hall, dean of the MUSC College of Pharmacy. “Our research faculty are providing a significant value to the scientific community and exponentially advancing scientific knowledge.”

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