“We are MUSC Pharmacists” celebrates MUSC advocates

Roby Hill
October 05, 2020
Pharmacy advocates banner

The MUSC College of Pharmacy celebrates Week One of its American Pharmacists Month “We are MUSC Pharmacy” campaign with a salute to advocacy.

Whether it’s lobbying for reimbursement policy on the steps of the statehouse, educating patients during a pandemic, or encouraging the disenfranchised to make their voices heard, MUSC pharmacists work for change.

Meg Croom Taylor

Meg Croom Taylor ’12

Monday, October 5 Meg Croom Taylor ’12, scientific director at Pharmacy Times CE, will take over the MUSC College of Pharmacy Instagram account and give an inside look at what life is like as someone who supports the profession through continuing education. As a resident and former clinical specialist, she knows what it is like to work with patients on a daily basis and uses that experience serving as scientific director for oncology programming.

 Keturah Mingledolph

Keturah Mingledolph ’22

Tuesday, October 6 Keturah Mingledolph ’22, vice president for diversity and inclusion in the MUSC Student Government Association, will take over the College’s Instagram account and portray a day-in-the-life of a current student who is actively involved in advocacy for social justice. As a recognized MUSC-wide leader in diversity, Keturah was invited to speak at the 2020 Black History Intercollegiate Consortium in February.

David Shirley

David Shirley ’02

Wednesday, October 7 David Shirley ’02, assistant professor of clinical pharmacy and outcomes science, will be featured on the College of Pharmacy’s blog. Past president of the South Carolina Pharmacy Association, Shirley has involved students in public policy issues through education and events like SCPhA’s Pharmacy Day at the State House. He has been recognized multiple times as an outstanding teacher and won the MUSC-wide University Teaching Excellence Award for a Developing Teacher.

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Mark Sweatman

Mark Sweatman

Thursday, October 8 Mark Sweatman, director of governmental affairs and secretary to the MUSC Board of Trustees, will be featured on the College of Pharmacy’s blog. As director of governmental affairs, Sweatman is MUSC’s voice in Columbia, S.C. He was instrumental in persuading state representatives to support funding for a new pharmacy facility, which helped bring about the start of a project after many years of labor by the MUSC pharmacy family.

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 Jason Mills

Jason Mills

Jason Mills, pharmacy supply chain manager for MUSC, will be the first guest on Pharmacy Friday. Philip Hall, dean of the College, hosts this online conversation (meeting ID: 966 6864 6204, password: pharmacy). He has been at MUSC since 2006, serving in a variety of clinical pharmacy and supervisory roles. As pharmacy supply chain manager, he manages the 340B program, controlled substances distribution and regulatory compliance, drug supply chain security act compliance, and repackaging.

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Learn more about our “We are MUSC Pharmacy” campaign during the College’s celebration of American Pharmacists Month.