The stories behind the plaques: tradition and identity

Roby Hill
March 08, 2021
Rendering of the lobby
Rendering of the future Michael P. Araneo Grand Lobby

It’s been said that a college is built on the backs of its supporters. This is no doubt the case in the MUSC College of Pharmacy’s “Building the Future of Pharmacy… Together” campaign. For decades donors have supported this dream of a new facility for pharmacy education at the Medical University of South Carolina.

One of those donors was Michael P. Araneo.

The late Michael P. Araneo was a visionary business owner, entrepreneurial pharmacist, and longtime supporter of the MUSC College of Pharmacy. At the December 2018 board meeting, the MUSC Board of Trustees approved the college’s request to name the current College of Pharmacy building at 280 Calhoun Street “The Michael P. Araneo Building” in honor of this good friend and benefactor of the college.

In their wisdom and knowing the long-term plan of a new building, the MUSC Board of Trustees also agreed that the Araneo name would move with the college and occupy a prominent space within the new structure.

“We wanted to do this now because this building is the most recognizable symbol of our history and we wanted to honor him in it both here and in our future home,” Dean Philip Hall said at the time.

The Michael P. Araneo Grand Lobby will welcome guests into the new College of Pharmacy building, just as though they are being welcomed into the MUSC pharmacy family.

And, one day, upon realization of an estate gift from his daughter, Alycia Araneo Craft, guests will enter the renamed MUSC Araneo and Craft College of Pharmacy through this very entry way.

Named areas are one of the most exciting components of an academic facility. It brings the history and tradition of the college into the daily activities of every member of the MUSC pharmacy family, keeping those donors involved in the institution they love.

If you are interested in learning more about additional naming opportunities within the new building, please reach out to Megan Theiling Draper, CFRE, at