Six faculty members honored with promotions

Roby Hill
June 17, 2024
From left, Jason Haney, Anthony DeClue, Shannon Drayton, Yuri Peterson, David Shirley, and Scott Bragg have earned promotions.

Earning a promotion at the Medical University of South Carolina is no easy matter, requiring years of the highest levels of production, success, and unremitting toil. In one of the largest promotion classes in college history, six members of the MUSC College of Pharmacy were promoted by the MUSC Board of Trustees at its April meeting.

The honorees are:

Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences

  • Scott Bragg, Pharm.D. to professor, tenure track
  • Anthony DeClue, Pharm.D. to associate professor, non-tenure track
  • Shannon Drayton, Pharm.D. to professor, non-tenure track
  • Jason Haney, Pharm.D. to professor, non-tenure track
  • David Shirley, Pharm.D. to associate professor, non-tenure track

Department of Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences

  • Yuri Peterson, Ph.D. to professor, non-tenure track

“Getting promoted is more than just a sign of success,” said Philip Hall, dean of MUSC College of Pharmacy. “It certifies and recognizes that all of the effort, intellect, and heart you’ve poured into your work is having an impact on the institution and the world at large. We’re very proud of each of these deserving faculty members!”