Rho Chi honors academic excellence

Roby Hill
September 16, 2021

Perfection may be elusive but 31 students found it during their P1 year at the MUSC College of Pharmacy.  The MUSC chapter of Rho Chi, the national pharmacy academic honor society, recognized the students at the chapter’s September 3 meeting, presenting them with certificates of academic excellence. Each student earned a 4.0 GPA their first year.

“Earning a 4.0 in our program is quite an achievement,” said Cathy Worrall, associate dean for admissions and student affairs. “These students had the additional challenge of learning remotely to start their pharmacy education. To come out with a perfect score is a testament to their hard work, ability, and desire.”

The now-second year students are:

Adams, Lauren

Bailey, Jennifer

Bates, Cassidy

Brice, Samantha

Brooks, Victoria

Coker, Ashton

Cornelius, Philip

Cox, Elisabeth 

Eclevia, Genevieve 

Fewox, Taylor

Frier, Abigail

Holloway, Ashley

Lechner, Mattison

Maldonado Yanez, Brenda

Olheiser, Dana 

'Quinn, Casey

Otto, Alexandra 

Parana. Analia 

Patel, Simran

Paullier, Maria

Paxton, Annette

Polkowski, Kathleen 

Polutta, Caroline

Price, Katelyn

Price, Madison 

Smith, Jennifer

Smoak, Julia

Wallace, Kaitlyn

Watson, Charlene

Williams, Jessica 

Zecopoulos, Angeleki

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