Faculty staff annual awards

Roby Hill
July 17, 2023
Mentor and Teacher awards in June 2023
Elizabeth Weed and Emmeline Tran pose with annual awards for mentorship and teaching

The June Faculty Staff Meeting offered an opportunity to celebrate some members of the MUSC pharmacy family selected for annual awards by their peers!

  • Outstanding Researcher Award - John Lemasters
  • Outstanding Staff Award - Lindsey Fuller
  • Outstanding Mentor Award - Elizabeth Weed
  • Outstanding Teaching Award - Emmeline Tran

2023 award winners for research and staff


Congratulations to the award winners and all of the nominees, who were featured in a social media campaign leading up to the awards announcement. 

Madison Riley (Outstanding Staff Award nominee)

Faye Ratliff (Outstanding Staff Award nominee)

Kathy Hughes (Outstanding Staff Award nominee)

Josh Dakin (Outstanding Staff Award nominee)

Lindsey Fuller (Outstanding Staff Award nominee)

Pat Woster (Outstanding Researcher Award nominee)

John Lemasters (Outstanding Researcher Award nominee)

Yuri Peterson (Outstanding Researcher Award nominee, Outstanding Mentor Award nominee)

Morgan Lange (Outstanding Mentor Award nominee)

DaNine Fleming (Outstanding Mentor Award nominee)

Elizabeth Weed (Outstanding Mentor Award nominee)

Cathy Worrall (Outstanding Mentor Award nominee)

Erin Weeda (Outstanding Mentor Award nominee)

Emmeline Tran (Outstanding Mentor Award nominee, Outstanding Teacher Award nominee)